Mimmi Freebody

Mimmi has over thirty years experience in the building/interior design industry coming from a background in business and taxation accounting. Mimmi refers to herself as "industry educated".

Mimmi Freebody

When Mimmi first entered the industry there were no specialist bathroom or kitchen designers. In fact there was very little interest in this area of the building industry at all.

Although hired to work in the office of a new bathroom materials showroom, Mimmi found herself serving clients who were purchasing items such as spas, vanities, tapware, toilets etc with almost no information available about these items or about how they would fit into their homes (often not very well!)

This situation inspired Mimmi to a journey of education and information gathering. She put together a dossier of what products were imported into Australia and by whom, what was manufactured locally together with exact details about how all these items would work together.

Along the way Mimmi taught herself how to draft and design. From builders, plumbers, carpenters and electricians she learnt all the building information she needed to create better and more appealing bathrooms.

After twelve months of "industry education" Mimmi designed her first bathrooms, and, as far as we are aware, she offered the first "formal" bathroom design service available in Canberra.

Thirty years later Mimmi has become the most awarded bathroom designer in Australia. She has honed her skills and expanded into kitchen design, general interior and lighting design for both the domestic and commercial marketplace.

Most recently she has expanded into building design. Her innovative flair, her encyclopedic building knowledge and exemplary customer service skills can be seen in the wide variety of projects that MMM Interiors have successfully underaken and completed.

Together with her husband and business partner Ian Freebody, Mimmi spends a great deal of her time in Project Managing building projects that she has designed. These include a multitude of bathrooms, kitchens, extensions, offices and new homes. She has even project managed the interior of a penthouse that was part of a multi-million dollar multi-unit development.

The success that MMM Interiors has achieved is, in no small part, a testament to the excellence of the dedicated team of building contractors that MMM Interiors have assembled over the years.