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Kitchens are the heart of every home. It is where families spend quality time together both cooking and creating memories. However, as time evolves, new technologies come to market and the family dynamic changes, there comes a time when the kitchen needs an upgrade. We have updated many Canberra kitchens, including adapting a 17-year-old kitchen to a modern and ultra-functional space.

Once a lively and warming space, the original kitchen was ready for a makeover. With the client’s growing family of six grandchildren, the challenge was clear: create a larger, more efficient space where multiple people could live and work harmoniously together.

The transformation began with maximising every inch of available space. The new design prioritised expansive workstations, allowing for more room for the chefs of the family to try new dishes. Vitrified benchtops, recognised for their durability and ease of maintenance, were chosen over traditional materials such as quartz or marble, offering high heatproof, and scratch proof surface, in seamless transition.

MMM Interiors recognised the opportunity the kitchen's high ceilings would play in increasing the ambience. The height enabled us to incorporate practical storage solutions while maintaining a spacious feel. These high overhead cupboards have been motorised so a single touch at the bottom corner opens and shuts them, thus not requiring the use of a small step ladder to reach them. 

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Every appliance seamlessly blended into the cabinetry, and thanks to strategically placed skylights and a reimagined layout, the kitchen is filled with bright natural light. We created a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The island design incorporates feature end elements fabricated from Scandinavian reeded board, with Axolotl metallic finish. Multi-level countertops define distinct zones including the dedicated cleaning station, a serving area, a food preparation zone and a central cooking station.

The renovation wasn't without its challenges. Adapting a large, multifunctional space to meet the evolving needs of the homeowners we brought both to this project, enabling the integration of new technology and new functionality, so the heart of this home would continue to be used and loved for years to come.

Ultimately, the success of each project is a result of the careful design of functional workspaces. Tailored for the home chef, the kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances including an air fryer, steam combi oven, microwave combi oven, a 900mm oven and an induction hot plate. It was important for the client that the kitchen had all these elements blended effortlessly into the sleek design. Strategically placed skylights allow for the kitchen to receive much-needed light for a fresh and inviting feeling. 

This kitchen renovation project demonstrates the importance of combining innovation with timeless elegance. The renovation exceeded expectations, offering a space where culinary creativity can thrive, and memories can be made. For those seeking a kitchen combining luxury with practicality, this transformation serves as a testament to the possibilities within your home.

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